Say Hello To My Little Registry

makeshift can openerAll of my stuff is sitting somewhere in San Diego on a tractor trailer waiting to be delivered sometime in the next 18 business days. I am missing simple things like, oh, I dunno, a can opener (don’t worry, that’s all tomato sauce, not blood) and my food processor, my favorite Calphalon skillet and even my DVD player (yes, we have 5,271 channels but most  some days occasionally I just want to watch a movie I’ve only seen 946 times, okay?)

Sure, I could have left it all to my roommate in Austin but I knew my wonderful soon-to-be husband didn’t have a bunch of the stuff I have (and use frequently), so it’d be a prudent to bring it along.

Otter“But you could register for new stuff! You’re engaged, that’s what engaged people do: register!” – everyone

Yes, we could register for brand new stuff, but what’s the point? Why would we ask our friends and family to buy us stuff we already have just because it’s new? Now, that’s not to say that we don’t love gifts because we do. Well, I do. A lot. (My birthday is Monday, just in case you have any extra birthday presents lying around.)

What we have decided to do instead is have an unorthodox registry. People are asking to spend money on us and we don’t want to tell them no!

Adam has registered for the charity Carry The Load, a fantastic organization dedicated to remembering and celebrating our brave men and women in uniform. The money raised by CTL goes to the families of fallen military, law enforcement, firefighters, and rescue personnel. We absolutely cannot forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of us can be free and safe.


I have registered for, well, a person! Just stick with me: Precious little Reese is an orphan in China who has, by the grace of God, found himself at New Day Foster Home. New Day takes in orphans who have been abandoned, usually because of birth defects. The one-child culture in China does not easily accommodate high-needs children. Cleft lips & palates, heart conditions, liver problems, GI defects, neurological disorders – New Day takes these sweet little ones in & loves them, gives them medical attention, then works to find them forever families. 

IMG_1859-2Reese was born April 17, 2013 & abandoned six months later near a bridge. He was born with a severe GI defect & was transferred into NDFH care December 16, 2013. When he arrived he was in very bad shape, suffering from a severe swollen face, jaundice, his eyes looked as if they were bleeding, & he had a very high fever. Reese was admitted into the hospital the next morning with one of the NDFH nannies & 2 months later he received a new liver.

After surgery, this sweet boy had trouble breathing on his own, so he was given a tracheotomy & put in ICU. After a total of 6 months in the hospital, Reese was finally able to return to New Day, but now has over $25,000 in medical bills and NDFH will eventually need funds to reverse the tracheotomy procedure. Donations given via this link will go directly toward Reese’s medical expenses.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.36.16 PM

NOTE: Adam and I are not adopting Reese. The money donated will not go toward adoption fees, but toward Reese’s medical bills. No confusion. That’s how rumors get started!

So there you have it! We want people to show their love for us by showing love to others. Whether you give to the families of fallen heroes or to a little baby half way around the world, we know the generosity will be felt in the hearts of so many.



So how does it work?

  1. Pick either Carry The Load or Baby Reese, or both! We won’t tell you no!
  2. Donate whatever you would have spent on a wedding gift to that charity
  3. Use this link for Carry The Load:
  4. Use this link for Baby Reese:

Bada-bing, bada-boom! No gift wrapping required!



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