Ashley (Finally) Watches Star Wars

Some how I have managed to make it almost 32 years on this planet without seeing Star Wars. Any of them. I know, I know… the horror, the agony, the distress, or something. BUT tonight, surrounded by friends and their kids, we broke that reign of deprivation.


V Observations from an Adult Star Wars First Timer

I. It is really, really difficult for someone who has seen Spaceballs a million times to not want to throw in every applicable line from the spoof into the original. Comb the desert! While Mel Brooks has always had a special place in my heart, I believe his schwartz genius is that much bigger greater after having seen the real Star Wars.

ludicrousII. C3PO is kind of a jerk, not to mention moody. He could really benefit from some Xanax, ya know, just to level him out. At Disneyland, they made him out to be paranoid and eccentric, but I straight up wanted to reach through the screen and beat him with his own arm. R2D2, on the other hand is a peach and I like him a lot. Beep beep whistle to you, too, doll.

beepIII. I get that Episode IV Luke Skywalker is young, that he lost his dad and is now living a life he clearly doesn’t like, but does he have to be so whiny? For being the hero of arguably the most epic story of the 20th century, can’t he be a little more, oh, I don’t know, alpha? I guess I just expected him to be a little more like Han. Maybe he’ll grow out of it (most teenage boys do), but until then, I will remain disappointed.

lukeIV. Why didn’t Chewie get a medal?! #WarOnWookies Also, I had no idea Storm Troopers could talk. Lastly, was it some inside joke or purely coincidence that the one rebel fighter pilot who wasn’t a toothpick was named Porkins? (Asking for a friend.)

medalsV. When I grow up, I want to be like Princess Leia: unafraid, sassy, and fighting against evil. I’ll have a better shot though (really, girl?) and I’ll be sure to have an accurate and extensive family tree committed to memory. Hey, there are some things that have just become common place in our culture and that’s one of ’em. No movie required.

leiaSo there y’all have it. The honest musings of an adult who sees Star Wars for the first time. We already have plans to watch the next 2 movies and I’m pretty stoked about it, so that’s a good sign, right?

HIMYMMight I remind you that it’s important to approach these situations with grace and without judgment. If you are a fan of the franchise, think of yourself as an ambassador: don’t get all stabby if someone makes Harry Potter or Spaceballs references; give the newbie space to draw conclusions and grow into liking the character. And whatever you do, be mindful that someone can only see this for the first time one time so don’t ruin it with spoilers and commentary or even expectations. There’s a lot of pressure on first-timers to like it, so slow your roll, chief.


**Nobody in the group of people I watched this movie with did any of the aforementioned things, for which I am grateful. No, really. They were awesome. Even the kiddos. 🙂